We Accept You

HEAL helps those who are living in high risk conditions or in chronic social and financial crisis. We address those who have struggled with years of homelessness, mental illness, substance abuse, hunger, chronic health conditions and other disabilities by addressing the root causes of their problems; ultimately helping them achieve sustainable self-sufficiency. Our unique comprehensive and integrated model and specialized programs help people that are at risk including.

  • Women with Children
  • Military Veterans
  • Families
  • Young Adults
  • Single Adults
  • Non-violent Ex-Offenders

If you or someone you know, fits into any one of these categories, let us Help. To learn more please call us at 708-374-8750 or email us at info@healonline.org to learn more.

HEAL programs are funded by most government agencies to provide the services free of charge to the homeless, if you qualify. Legal and health insurance professionals are also welcome to call on behalf of their clients and beneficiaries.